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Our Services

Care at Burnfoot House

At Burnfoot House we provide twenty-four hour nursing care for our residents.  Our nursing and care staff offer care and support for people who have a range of needs and levels of dependency. Each resident is fully assessed to ensure that individual needs are known by staff and that each person has the opportunity to have the best possible quality of life.

Our Head of Care is supported by professional qualified nurses, each of whom have a particular interest in care of the elderly and are experienced in caring for those with physical disabilities and mental health problems, those who are terminally ill, those with high dependency needs and those who become infirm. Our nurses also have the appropriate training and skills to care for individuals with dementia and other more challenging illnesses.

Nursing care is delivered using a method known as Named Nursing. Each resident is allocated a nurse who will soon become a familiar face and will answer any queries or anxieties you or your relatives may have. Your Named Nurse will be responsible for assessing your needs and preparing a care plan, as well as delivering and evaluating the care you receive.

Burnfoot also operates using teams of nursing and care staff, one of which will be appointed to care for you. The Team will support you during your initial settling in period as well as ensure the delivery of a more individualised and personal service.

Nurse Call System

Should you require the assistance of a nurse at any time of the day or night, there is a call system fitted throughout the building including your bedroom, so you will receive attention at the press of a button. 

Medical Care

We make personal plans for each of our residents for actions in the event of a sudden illness or other emergency. This includes notification of your next of kin, or others as agreed and recorded in your plan.

Spiritual Care

We encourage visits by Clergymen of all denominations to the Care Home to provide for the spiritual needs of the residents.

Alternatively, you may wish to attend your own church with family or friends. Staff can assist you to attend the local churches if you wish.


If physiotherapy is medically prescribed, your Named Nurse will be pleased to arrange this service for you, or if you prefer private arrangements can be made.


A National Health Service Podiatrist attends regularly, or if you prefer private arrangements can be made.

Optical and Dental Service

We have “Visioncare at Home” attending regularly and our staff will make necessary arrangements should you require optical or dental treatment, inspection or advice.


If your require visits from a Specialist Dietician, our staff would be happy to arrange service for you.

Speech and Language Therapy

We use the local Speech and Language Therapist for this service and it can be organized by your named nurse.